Episode 3: Crows

References and allusions include, but are not limited to: The Beverly Hillbillies, ornithology,  The Crow, the Ojibwa, minstrelsy,  “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”, Juggs magazine, Central Park, ninjas, Reptilians, Father Time, Confucius, Stonehenge, ghosts, Homer (poet), the Trojan War, Aesop, John the Baptist, Ted Kaczynski, Christianity, Islam, B’hai, Mandaeism, Hollywood, Merlin (wizard), King Arthur, Vlad Dracula, Bram Stroker, Grigori Rasputin, Prince Felix Yussopov, St. Brendan, Psalms, Aztecs, racism, Tuna Helper, the National Football League, 7-eleven, El Caminos, drones, chemtrails, The MTV Music Video Awards, The Black Crows, The Counting Crows, H. Ross Perot, Mt. Rushmore, Y2K, the Millennium Bug, Britney Spears, Facebook, Google Earth, Vladimir Putin, Mormons, Social Security, Medicare, John F. Kennedy, Detroit, artisanal moccasins, the United Nations, Alec Baldwin, and The Garden of Eden.